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I knew I had to be eagle-eyed at all times, looking for signs of drug abuse, anorexia, bulimia, smoking weed, alcohol consumption, to say nothing of sexual activity, unwanted pregnancy and other similar, and terrifying, issues that today's parents have to cope with -- embarrassedly, apologetically, guiltily, stealthily, sensitively.
We embarrassedly tried a chunk each with some of the relish, wondering if he was the obligatory local character that you always find on a barstool: a little worse for wear but warm company.
Librarianship sounded interesting because I'd been interested in libraries before and I must admit, embarrassedly, that I had an argument with my mother, who wanted me to be a social worker and mess with other people's lives.
Defense Department embarrassedly disowned Stimson's comments.
The highpoint of the trip is going into a pink block building to ask directions, only to embarrassedly discover you have entered the sacred halls of the "Club Pussycat.
When the school administrators realize that my daughter and I are Canadian, they embarrassedly send us on an all-expenses-paid tour of a large coffee plantation, where we happily encounter plenty of Spanish and excellent coffee.