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Embarrassing thing: Started his own Instagram page, which solely featured shots of him recreating his daughter's sexy selfies, impeccably.
Fels said, 'It was made crystal clear in an embarrassing way at the royal commission ...
The primetime Channel 4 TV show Embarrassing Bodies Live is filming in Newcastle with Dr Pixie McKenna on hand to help those afflicted with out of the ordinary conditions.
The prime time Channel 4 TV show Embarrassing Bodies Live was filming in Newcastle near Grey's Monument yesterday and will be there again today, with Dr Pixie McKenna on hand to help those afflicted with odd conditions.
But, unfortuanately for Sabeer, this time it wasn't a star performance or dazzling outfit that stole the show, but an embarrassing trip on the red carpet.
If your condition has flummoxed conventional medics, why not pop along to Caerphilly's Big Cheese Festival in Caerphilly on Sunday, July 29, and get checked out by Dr Dawn Harper from TV series Embarrassing Bodies.
Summary: Matthew McConaughey has announced he is soon to welcome another baby into his family and at the premiere of Magic Mike admitted to being an embarrassing dad.
Embarrassed ...Dr Dettori "It feels a little bit embarrassing, to be honest, as I have been standing alongside hundreds of young students who have been studying for many years to get a degree and I've sneaked in through the back door," he said.
But despite rolling our eyes at his antics, cringy jokes, and clumsy attempts to scare us, we secretly love him for it and hope he never becomes boring - just maybe a bit less embarrassing! Take a look at this week's embarrassing dad's competition - you're sure to laugh your socks off at our winner, Gary Wake.
Channel 4 has asked Birminghambased Maverick Television to produces a series of its hugely successful show Embarrassing Bodies which focuses specifically on problems caused by being overweight.
Still too embarrassing? Talk to trusted friends, relatives, a nurse or a camp counselor.