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But if the author permits an over degree of attention to be drawn to his work ere it has appeared, he places himself in the embarrassing condition of having excited a degree of expectation which, if he proves unable to satisfy, is an error fatal to his literary reputation.
The king's offer was naturally rather embarrassing to the Princess Badoura.
Pig-wig's gratitude was such and she asked so many questions that it became embarrassing to Pigling Bland.
The poor woman, who expected to draw her uncle into a matrimonial discussion by an argument ad omnipotentem, was stupefied; but persons of obtuse mind have the terrible logic of children, which consists in turning from answer to question,--a logic that is frequently embarrassing.
His host attributed this to the fact that his guest was unaccustomed to the society of cultured women, and so found a pretext to quickly extricate him from his seemingly unpleasant position and lead him away to his study and the brandy and soda which were evidently much less embarrassing to Mr.
He occupied a position between a friend and a courier, which made him worse than embarrassing to repay.
I replied in good French that I did not know his language; but he seemed not to understand me, and my situation became more embarrassing.
My position struck him, too, as exquisitely ludicrous and embarrassing.
They lifted him off at the door of a cabaret, left Bazin with him, who, besides, in a skirmish was more embarrassing than useful, and set forward again in the hope of sleeping at Amiens.
It was an embarrassing load for a man seeking to escape.
Very soon after this embarrassing explanation, Julia received a letter from her friend that was in no way distinguishable from the rest, except that it contained the real name of Regulus, which she declared to be Henry Frederick St.
When I first spoke to you about--" Arthur began, after a long and embarrassing silence, "that is, when we first talked about her--for I think it was you that introduced the subject--my own position in life forbade me to do more than worship her from a distance: and I was turning over plans for leaving this place finally, and settling somewhere out of all chance of meeting her again.