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and the ``end to major combat'' in an embarrassingly insulting publicity stunt.
Thanks, Gill Foundation, for putting another arrow into the quiver of the homophobes--and for associating a crucial human rights issue with an embarrassingly infantile fantasy.
TENNIS: World number one Amelie Mauresmo tumbled embarrassingly out of the Hastings Direct Tournament, beaten by her friend and practice partner Nathalie Dechy just hours after being named top seed to win the Wimbledon women's crown.
Daniel Cussler is a ten-year-old boy caught in the middle of his parents' private and, at times, embarrassingly public war.
But the concerns expressed about her hair, clothes, and makeup by The Washington Post's Robin Givhan were embarrassingly absurd.
Indeed, the interest the animal takes in the corpse appears almost embarrassingly pragmatic: There is no concealing the fact that its frantic licking and burrowing is an attempt not to revive its master but to procure treats tucked by a trainer into her swaddling.
The fact that the administration dared not submit the agreement to Congress sooner, and then had to engage in an embarrassingly transparent display of arm-twisting and vote-buying to get it passed, is powerful testimony to what the informed opposition against CAFTA had accomplished.
It's hard to write a headline for a CEO column, because headlines are supposed to reveal the main news nugget of the story, and most CEO columns are embarrassingly bereft of news nuggets.
Thank you for running my review [My Mother Is an Alien: Ten Takes on Life and Film by George Melnyk, page 54] and for the embarrassingly enthusiastic value you attribute to my life and work.
And in fact, even on an individual basis, people who adopt Objectivism tend to crash and burn, as Rand herself embarrassingly did in her affair with Nathaniel Branden.
Cautious young adults who do not carry either identification will no longer be embarrassingly turned away from nightclubs if the Government issues everybody a free identity card to prove their age.
They then lay out a "strategy" that would be enticing if it weren't so embarrassingly vague, repetitive of past attempts (including those of the Bush administration), and singularly unachievable.