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APDA frowned at a situation whereby sensitive issues that bother on board appointments would be treated in such a shabby manner with officers responsible apportioning blames and not taking responsibility for this national embarrassment.
When comparing the sexually active adolescents to older populations, adolescents are at higher risk of acquiring STI's for a variety of reasons including potential embarrassment attached to seeking STI services (Tilson et al, 2004).
Introduction: We sought to prospectively assess anxiety, pain, and embarrassment associated with diagnostic cystoscopy and multichannel urodynamic study (UDS).
I hope they will just resign on their own to spare the President the embarrassment,' he told reporters in a chance interview.
In 2009 JoAnne Lake was diagnosed with Neurogenic Bladder, finally discovering the cause of years of discomfort and embarrassment.
This, frankly, should be a source of national embarrassment," he said.
He said: "We can take embarrassment and the Government has to take embarrassment and take criticism on Irish Water.
According to him, those citizens who do not follow only government-controlled media had a chance of hearing and reading messages and recommendations that could only make their faces flush with embarrassment.
PRESENTER Emma Willis has shaken off the embarrassment of her Big Brother blooper, when she accidentally flashed too much flesh on the launch night on Wednesday.
Voigt's (1), Emma Tieffenbach's (2), and Yashar Saghai's (3) ingenious comments have taught me a lot about nudging, embarrassment, and restriction.
The admission was pretty small stuff compared to the NS A revelations, but it was a major embarrassment for President Dilma Rousseff (photo), who canceled a state visit to the United States, taking offense that the United States would spy on a friendly Brazil.