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If asked to list the components of the good life, she is likelier to include on the list having friends than to include avoiding small embarrassments like starting a conversation.
It is those embarrassments that I propose to leverage as nudges.
The Everton star knows he won't get a game for Spain because the Spaniards have an embarrassment of riches in midfield - in the England midfield he spots only an embarrassment of embarrassments.
Atomic Kitten, who split at the end of last year, beat a cavalcade of top name embarrassments and big budget bombs to be voted the worst British group in the second annual Naomi awards.
To complete the embarrassment of pop stars, they are published on the eve of the Brits, the UK music industry's big awards ceremony.
Playwright Laurence Klavan and composer Polly Pen paint a portrait of this towering personage in a new musical, Embarrassments, premiering at the Wilma Theater though Jan.
3] In that event, Rousseau's Confessions should reveal not only moments of public, tete-a-tete embarrassments but many moments of private embarrassments too.
But at the back they've an embarrassment of embarrassments.
With Pegguy Arphexad also on board it gave the Reds an embarrassment of goalkeeping riches.