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Sygate Security Agent for Windows XP Embedded (the "embedded Agent") incorporates an application-centric firewall that stealths host systems, provides stateful firewalling, applies rule-based security policy, and controls application usage.
Second, embedded value provides a sound basis for helping employees understand which of their actions and behaviors help create value for the company and can be used to establish incentive programs that reward employees for those behaviors.
Labs' patent-pending technology, software vendors, embedded system providers, enterprise organizations and government agencies are able to easily secure their software against the threat of piracy, tampering and theft, independent of where the applications are distributed.
Build embedded programs and upload them into the target machine.
AMD is dramatically growing its offerings for high-end embedded markets.
Windows Embedded for Point of Service is Microsoft's first operating system specifically developed for vertical markets.
Discretix is a leading provider of embedded security technology for mobile devices and flash memory storage.
Mocana Embedded EAP acts as both a supplicant and an authenticator, simultaneously while some other products require extensive consulting in order to achieve this functionality.
E[acute accent]The RMS-Embedded toolkit cuts integration time by providing interfaces, utilities, diagnostic tools and documentation along with an easy to use API that lets embedded developers quickly integrate licensing into applications.
The unique LinuxLink subscription model, which is the first to aid and empower developers creating a one-of-a-kind Linux platform for their embedded device, has resonated strongly with developers worldwide," said Larry Weidman, president and CEO of TimeSys.