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The force P applied to the embedment in point x = 0,y = 0 .
However, six of the partially embedded nonrepaired specimens had partial embedment gaps of 0.
After embedment, the order of QLs of some blocks is possibly changed and this will lead to incorrect data extraction and block reconstruction.
The anchor-bolt embedment depth hef should be kept to 12 diameter of anchor bar, based on PIP [12].
Two of the most significant findings from these detailed studies are as follows: (1) two fundamentally different types of malformations in crinoid fossils can be recognized, namely, those associated with a discrete embedment structure, pit, boring or attachment structure, and those characterized by amorphous swelling not associated with any recognizable structures; and (2) abundant occurrences of both types of malformations are documented from Silurian and younger strata (Brett 1978), but few occurrences in Ordovician deposits are known.
5 embedment ratio, the variation of skirt length had little effect on the bearing capacity.
The roof decking was laminated southern pine 2 3/16" thick with a specification calling for a minimum of 1 3/4" nail embedment into the structure.
Microcapsule embedment is commonly used for releasing healing agent.
Equally important, the international coalition that came to Kuwait's aid demonstrated that soft power and embedment in the global community at multiple levels earns one friends when in need.
A new elastomeric roofing system, consisting of four coatings and a mesh fabric embedment, was commissioned for the hospital.
The size, shape, and embedment depth depend on the soil classification, and the required anchor-holding capacity is a function of wind, wave, and current loads.