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recently supplied Wipac Ltd, a design and manufacturing company that specialises in high technology exterior LED lighting headlamps and rear lamps for the world's most prestigious car makers, with an atmospheric plasma system for improving the adhesive bond strength of its rear lighting chrome plated plastic embellishers.
Al Gore learned it after he'd been tagged by the media as a serial embellisher (with a huge assist from the Bush campaign).
I've heard similar stories of life in the newsroom way back when, only to see an alleged embellisher praised by journalists as a pillar of the profession.
On the second question: Abu Rayhan said: John Philoponos is far from [deserving] to be described as mischievous; Aristotle, the embellisher of his own infidelity, is more deserving of this description.
For here is a singer of note, stylish, a fine improviser,an embellisher of melodies who scats and swings with ease.
Finally, the Embellisher will "jazz up" any melody as it is played, and it will be different every time.
In the 1920s British historian Charles Grey savaged the American adventurer as an unhinged embellisher at best, a liar at worst.
The keyboard will feature chrome buttons and an embellisher that has been adjusted to make service access easier, and a pod tray and chute made of clear transparent plastic.
Everyone is a meddler, embellisher with language, with hypocrisy, deceiving companions and becoming powerful, telling lies and oaths and perjuries without any fear of God
The poem's reviews celebrate Browning's gifts as an embellisher of the type disdained by Jameson, yet if truly "Art remains the one way possible / Of speaking truth" (12.
But the various cities, bodies, drugs and hairdos are merely backdrops for the central figure of Lunch as impressario: the embellisher of her own dreams of way badness.
MIAMI -- NGC Software[R] today announced that T-Shirt International (TSI), an innovative embellisher of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other sportswear, has implemented NGC's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.