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It will serve as one stop centre facilitating contacts between the embellishers and buyers.
The air intake bars, kidney grille slats, rear trim strip and tailpipe embellishers come in matt chrome, and the instrument panel and sports leather steering wheel can be specified as an option in the light colour shade Oyster.
recently supplied Wipac Ltd, a design and manufacturing company that specialises in high technology exterior LED lighting headlamps and rear lamps for the world's most prestigious car makers, with an atmospheric plasma system for improving the adhesive bond strength of its rear lighting chrome plated plastic embellishers.
com/archive /2004/06/07/040607fa_fact1 (discussing Ahmad Cahlabi's involvement in efforts to overthrow Saddam Hussein); Com, supra note 318 ("The defectors were duds--fabricators and embellishers.
Bus trips have common elements not found in the "gated communities" known as airports: the driver's authoritarian rules spiel the incessant talker who invariably finds the silent solitary one r&233;sum&233; embellishers opinionated political thinkers the family-oriented the recently abandoned the military's enlisted on leave and veterans in various conditions the people who shrink in on themselves when La Migra or the narcotics squad springs a surprise inspection.
Prodrive badging on the chrome exhaust embellishers and front stone deflectors, plus special logos on the C-pillar, are the only exterior statements to say something out of the ordinary, but the cabin has more of a say in the Brera S pedigree.
Beading is an enduring popular craft and a basic skill for do-it-yourself jewelry makers, needlecraft embellishers, and crafts artists.
Inside, the changes are more apparent with a restyled dashboard, re-sculpted door panels and a new central dash section with light metallic grey embellishers on the air vents and gear lever .
Neil Taylor is only the latest in a long line of fakers and embellishers.
But with the September 11 story, I found that I didn't have the stomach for the usual give-and-take between environmentalist embellishers and industry apologists over whether the people of Lower Manhattan faced a hypothesized added cancer risk of one in 10,000 or one in 10 million.