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Country: United States of America
State: Ohio

I have a friend who's mother and step father own a business. This friend of mine had previously worked for the small travel company at the rate of 40,000 a year. The business was not doing well, so they laid my friend off. SO, my friend receives unemployment, and while looking for another job, still works at the travel company (for no pay). The unemployment time is up and my friend explains to her mother that she can no longer work at the travel company because she has to find a job that pays. The mother then tells her to keep working there and that she can take money from the account (one witness) to pay her bills. Well, the stepfather obviously finds out and confronts the mother, the mother denies having given my friend the privileged to take money form company account to pay their own bills, keep in mind that she is working for a profit company and receiving no pay check. So, the step father is now saying that my friend needs to be punished and is threatening embezzlement charges if the sum of money "taken' is not pd, in five days. Keeping this in mind the mother "took" my friend's credit card number without approval and charged 10,000 worth of things for the company. Now, the company says that they are paying the credit card directly, out of the company account but are saying that those payments are part of the monies that my friend was "unauthorized" to take.


It sounds to us as if any possible charges would be dropped immediately if an investigation were conducted by the police--the mother's acts would surely be proven in time...if not immediately...it is not likely the father will prevail on this matter...you may even want the police involved yourselves, now...
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The board's members in a special meeting on Thursday voted to 1 in favor of Snyder's removal, after embezzlement accusations of the organization's operating funds became public.
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"The authorities are trying to thwart mass rallies and intimidate its rank-and-file participants and not only the organisers." The hearing comes as Alexei Navalny, a blogger and the most charismatic leader of the protest movement, is also standing trial over embezzlement accusations that could result in a jail term of up to 10 years.