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France had a minister here once who embittered the nation against him in the most innocent way.
I lay in bed wondering what she would be up to in the next number; I have lost trout because when they nibbled my mind was wandering with her; my early life was embittered by her not arriving regularly on the first of the month.
What caused offence was a group of embittered old Blairites running around lying about what I said.
15PM Embittered police inspector John Mills has a surfeit of suspects when he is assigned to investigate a country club murder in Oakley Park (actually Weybridge).
Gentleman Jack's trademark brain-busting guitar lines and pounding piano melodies (as on I Think I Found The Culprit and the embittered, boozy brilliance of Just One Drink) both feature prominently.
Sinn Fein's negotiations strategy succeeded in achieving new policing arrangements but we always knew that there remained with the PSNI an embittered rump of the old RUC (Royal Ulster Constabulary).
If the elder son had overcome his jealousy, he could have shared in his father's happiness, instead of becoming embittered.
At the end, the most important of all is whether the murder embittered the victory or the bitter taste is only felt by those who have something human in them.
The MRF hit back at Dal as embittered and described his comments about the party and its leadership as defamatory, rejecting claims that there was disunity in the MRF.
FOr those who have quarrelled and parted in anger; for those embittered by what they cannot accept or understand; for those for whom everything seems to be going wrong, and nothing right; Lord hear our prayer.
Byline: An embittered former Uttar Pradesh chief minister Kalyan Singh has resigned from the Bharatiya Janata Party.
Guaranteed to charm even the most embittered cynic (maybe), it's an essential site for anyone in the first flush of love.