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But though I followed Raffles, as my nature must, I was far too embittered to answer him again.
France had a minister here once who embittered the nation against him in the most innocent way.
He was extremely excited; his lips trembled, and the resentment of an embittered soul was in his voice.
Prince Vasili's words frightened her, an embittered look clouded her once handsome face, but only for a moment; then she smiled again and dutched Prince Vasili's arm more tightly.
All her dear plans were embittered, and she thought with disgust of Sir James's conceiving that she recognized him as her lover.
I lay in bed wondering what she would be up to in the next number; I have lost trout because when they nibbled my mind was wandering with her; my early life was embittered by her not arriving regularly on the first of the month.
Next to Bashti he stood in power, and all his days had been embittered in that he was not first in power.
For it, remained nothing but to be a cage-animal, in solitary confinement, pacing ever up and down, embittered with all the world of man and roaring its bitterness to the most delicious enthrillment of the pay- spectators.
My spirit--I have long since ceased to believe in anything of the sort: I only use the word for want of a better--my spirit, I say, has become embittered.
Why, a war of words; discussions will spring up once more and grow embittered, envenomed.
Embittered by his fate, brooding over his wrongs, he became an anarchist--not a philosophic anarchist, but a mere animal, mad with hate and lust for revenge.
so the marked absence of any tribute or recognition from Diana Barry who was sitting with Gertie Pye embittered Anne's little triumph.