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Over time, his embitterment and eroding self-confidence intensified the cycle of mistakes and abrasiveness, and the partners avoided him even more.
Westermann's embitterment at the militarism of the U.
In the letter he wrote: "The only effect violence has is on the victim, their family and the further embitterment of the other cmmunity.
And they do best when the prevailing attitude toward the environment is apathy, rather than politically charged embitterment.
But in many ways, Hackney's embitterment fueled an entrepreneurial spirit best exemplified by the myriad energy drinks on the market.
When you inquire as to her embitterment, she says "on the car you idiot
Workers who whinge about their job and their boss and spread vicious gossip while doing as little work as possible may have fallen victim to 'post-traumatic embitterment disorder.
Visibly distressed Dr Ellis told the inquiry, ``It is my hope and prayer that, painful in the extreme though it may be, the inquiry might be one way in which those involved experience some level of catharsis which will enable them to begin to put their embitterment, betrayal and anger to one side and move ahead with their lives.
And in some of his essays, too, there will be a reflection that suggests a certain embitterment.
Bias," then, hovers somewhere between passion and embitterment.
Luwana's embitterment echoes the sense of vexation that enslaved Africans were wont to show with the Christian God.
In some cases, former National Socialist activists in Germany had directly taken over the actual or prospective seats of their emigrated - superior - colleagues, and one can only speculate how many of those who had been forced into exile, waited with growing embitterment to be offered a chair.