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Human Love cradle, home, bier Place life stages passions will rock Emotions Human Storms Ravens thee, As the storms rock the ravens Bright reason will Thinking Human Sun Wintry sky mock thee, Like the sun from a wintry sky Leaves fall Nature End Wintry sky nature Heartily wintry embitterment Cold Wind Nature Fear Figure of speech Semantic lamp words Dead Light Emotions Light lies dead human The dust Destruction Scattering cloud Destruction [Infiltrated] rainbow Words Broken lute emotions Speaking lips Human Remembered tones Time Music survives not Human Splendor survives not Human Echoes of the heart Emotions Heart Human No songs Emotions Mute spirit Human but sad dirges Like nature the wind through a ruined cell, Sad dirges Emotions Dead seaman 's knell Destruction O love
Light stabilizers play a very important role on the formation of oxidation products and further slower the chain scission and crosslinking reactions, which will lead to the embitterment of PVC samples eventually.
However, the growing embitterment of public sentiment in the region over territorial disputes is a source of real concern," he said.
This policy of repression amounting to a slow genocide has led to increased embitterment of the people and stoked separatist sentiment to the point where association with the state of Pakistan has become a virtual anathema to most people in Balochistan, it stated.
It has rejected "Persistent Personality Change after Catastrophic Experience" (which is a diagnosis in the WHO International Classification of Diseases), and maybe hasn't yet had the chance to reject "Post Traumatic Embitterment Disorder.
It should be pay attention to that too long hot-pressing time or too high temperature would make urea-formaldehyde resin cured excessively to lead to embitterment, which could reduce the properties of the composite board [5, 6].
In causing grief to his community he chose from the vantage point of his own embitterment to reaffirm himself, believing that people would never forget him.
Who, if not a people who suffered embitterment in the lands of exile, should be sensitive to their fellow man living amongst them?
Murder and Mayhem at Fort Hood: Post-Traumatic Embitterment, Madness, or Political Terrorism?
Consequently most Flemish literature on the Congo is retrospective in nature: the ex-colonial looks with nostalgia, puzzlement or embitterment back on a period that is closed off for good.
For it is not enough with a superficial ascertaining of one's longings when one is bound to face the severest tests of endurance--tests which may easily lead to embitterment, resentment, even to inward collapse, usually mixed with conformism, a "thoughtless acceptance of the world and the profession" (Weber 1919, p.
92) One nongovernmental report acknowledged severe abuses by the LTTE while also accusing the Colombo government of "using extra-judicial killings and enforced disappearances as part of a brutal counter-insurgency campaign" and predicted that such tactics would lead to "further embitterment of the Tamil population and a further cycle of war, terrorism, and repression.