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Consequently, EMSL recorded approximately USD4m as other income, net of related expenses, in 2011, Emblaze said adding that the High Court of Justice has now ordered that EMSL be paid the balance of sums withheld by HMRC of approximately GBP1.
Emblaze said that it filed a claim in a US federal court last year, accusing Apple of infringing Emblaze's Network Media Streaming for live streaming technology, patent number US639473.
The price, a premium of 43% to Formulaa[euro](tm)s current market price, is to be paid on closing, anticipated to take place by 30 November 2010, subject to approval by Emblaze shareholders, among other conditions.
As part of this cooperation, M-Systems' Mobile DiskOnChip flash disk product has been included on board Emblaze Semiconductor's ER452x reference platforms.
In addition, to deal with the high levels of packet loss that occur on wireless networks, the latest version of Emblaze Xtream provides error correction and error resilience controls at the application-level.
The Emblaze technology is standard-based and, as such, interoperable with any 3GPP compliant device or infrastructure.
But Emblaze said both companies would continue to have a "good working relationship.
Mobile multimedia solutions developer Emblaze Systems Ltd has signed an agreement with Motorola Inc's Semiconductor Products Sector that will see the Emblaze MPEG4 multimedia player ported on to the DragonBall MX1 microprocessor.
According to the agreement, Emblaze Systems will collaborate with Microsoft in the development and integration of Windows Media Technologies into Emblaze's wireless streaming technology.
According to Darwish, under the terms of the agreement, Ericsson, which dominates for than 50% of the GPRS market, has licensed GEO's Emblaze technology as part of Ericsson's multimedia solution, enabling operators and service providers to offer on- demand, standards-based, streamed mobile multimedia services.
a leading Internet software publisher, has announced that it is shipping Emblaze Creator 2.