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As part of this agreement, Emblaze will integrate M-Systems' SuperMAP(TM) cryptographic coprocessors, software protocols and application program interfaces (APIs) into its next generation semiconductor products, which Emblaze will manufacture and make available to the mobile industry.
Additionally, the carriers are looking to secure expensive handsets from theft and code manipulations," said Uzi Breier, CEO, Emblaze Semiconductor.
We are excited to work with Fathammer to integrate 3D gaming abilities onto our multimedia processors as Fathammer is by far the top company in the 3D mobile games field," said Uzi Breier, CEO, Emblaze Semiconductor.
Our collaboration with Emblaze Semiconductor ensures that device manufacturers can deliver the richest possible 3D gaming experience that consumers demand.
As part of this cooperation, M-Systems' Mobile DiskOnChip flash disk product has been included on board Emblaze Semiconductor's ER452x reference platforms.
This integration will enable mobile handset manufacturers using the Emblaze Semiconductor ER452x multimedia processors to quickly and cost-effectively develop the MMIs of their phones.
In a year's time since 3GSM World Congress 2003, Emblaze Semiconductor, an Emblaze Group company (LSE: BLZ) and a leading provider of mobile multimedia and application ICs, has brought three handsets into production, secured new design wins and partnerships, and introduced its most advanced multimedia chip, the ER4525 - all increasing the company's prominence as a provider of the most advanced technology for wireless multimedia handsets and devices.
The first platform, Feature 700 for multimedia mobile phones, will be available in the first quarter of 2004 and is based on Wavecom's WISMO Pac P5186 GSM/GPRS module and the Emblaze Semiconductor ER4521 multimedia processor.
half of 2004 and is based on the WISMO Pac P5186 and Emblaze
The development of peripherals such as the Digital Act Campho Advance takes the Nintendo Game Boy beyond a simple gaming device," said Alon Ironi, CEO, Emblaze Semiconductor.
Emblaze Semiconductor, an Emblaze Group company (LSE: BLZ) and a leading provider of mobile multimedia and application ICs, today announced that Telson Electronic, one of the four leading developers and manufacturers of cellular phones in Korea, has selected the company's ER452x mobile multimedia processors for various multimedia mobile phones, including both CDMA and GSM/GPRS.
The collaboration between Emblaze Semiconductor and TTPCom utilises Emblaze Semiconductor's ER452x line of multimedia processors and TTPCom's GSM/GPRS/EDGE/3G protocol and applications software.