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Under the memorial in question were emblazoned the well-known and pompous Osborne arms; and the inscription said, that the monument was "Sacred to the memory of George Osborne, Junior, Esq.
It was spacious enough in all conscience, occupying the whole depth of the house, and having at either end a great bay window, as large as many modern rooms; in which some few panes of stained glass, emblazoned with fragments of armorial bearings, though cracked, and patched, and shattered, yet remained; attesting, by their presence, that the former owner had made the very light subservient to his state, and pressed the sun itself into his list of flatterers; bidding it, when it shone into his chamber, reflect the badges of his ancient family, and take new hues and colours from their pride.
It only remains to notice respecting the general arrangement, that one gallery in the very centre of the eastern side of the lists, and consequently exactly opposite to the spot where the shock of the combat was to take place, was raised higher than the others, more richly decorated, and graced by a sort of throne and canopy, on which the royal arms were emblazoned.
Bucket, in the foremost emblazoned carriage, uses his two fat forefingers to hold the lattice a hair's breadth open while he looks.
A ragged tunic was a surer defence against this wild horde than a stout lance or an emblazoned shield.
emblazoned his own front with the words "Men's, women's and children's
What kind of place can the quiet townspeople who see the words emblazoned, in all the legibility of gilt letters and dark shading, on the north-country coaches, take Snow Hill to be?
Abzorb's logo will once again be emblazoned on the back of the shorts 2017 first team kits which will be unveiled tomorrow at giantsrl.
MILLIONAIRE Solihull teenager Lord Aleem has taken delivery of a new PS350,000 supercar - with his name emblazoned on the bonnet and door.
But the UKIP leader disowned the pledge and insisted he was not part of the Leave campaign which emblazoned slogans such as "We send the EU PS350million a week, let's fund our NHS instead" on buses and posters.
Living by the words emblazoned on our Statue of Liberty means finding the strength to put aside our fear and welcome Syrian refugees to Austin, writes Mayor Steve Adler.
The picture was a gift from Esprit de Corps and also served as a dangling carrot to tempt the now 'free agent' to be drafted to the Commandos--an offer he gladly accepted, pulling on a crisp white jersey emblazoned with his usual #18 (he was Canada's 18th CDS).