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It's emblematic of our downright absence of empathy for our fellowmen.
Editor Peter one of the Manchester's quality restaurant scene is emblematic of its growing culinary confidence Peter Harden
"For the record, when we spoke about the transitional governing body with full executive powers, (we mentioned that) that necessitates the departure of all the emblematic figures of the regime starting with Bashar al Assad, from the beginning of the transitional period, because, frankly, Bashar Assad has proven that he is the disease that has struck Syria.
She put on a pair of virtual reality goggles, and "Once I saw that experience, I couldn't put people out there again," she said pointing away from the table inside Emblematic Group's new lab.
On Thursday, Chief Prosecutor, Boris Velchev, stated he did not see a problem with his office giving information on emblematic cases to foreign magistrates.
EMBLEMATIC Artists Adrian Park and James Davoll standing in front of their creation
Emblematic programmes were obviously important in the highest Swedish aristocracy, and Julian Vasquez studies the relations between the emblems in Schering Rosenhane's manuscript Hortus Regius and the corresponding frescos in his Stockholm palace.
Earlier on Tuesday, the United Nations human-rights office had said that Sudan's conviction of a woman for indecency for wearing trousers violated international law and was emblematic of wider gender discrimination in the Islamic country.Aa
Paulette Chone's essay, by contrast, proceeds from the broader idea that emblematic production is indicative of a specific cultural mindset.
Dimler's insights into what he terms the "rhetoricized emblem" partially derive from Barbara Bauer's crucial work on the Jesuit ars rhetorica informing the emblematic plays and placards staged as the chief ornaments of the order's academic festivals.
This year on L Word, there was disturbing trend that's emblematic of a much wider problem.
The success of this "business fiction" technique rides on the reader's ability to move through the book and assimilate the various episodes as emblematic of different issues and hurdles they themselves could face.