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In order to test the body swapping idea, researchers compared one group who talked to themselves first embodied as the participant and then body swapping to a virtual Sigmund Freud; and another (control) group who spoke to the virtual Freud, but in that case Freud responded with pre-scripted questions and comments (there was no body swapping).
This project tries to make connections through the embodied experience of walking in someone else's shoes in that very mode of hot authenticity in which one can more easily feel empathy for others and express that through the camera.
Many disciplines have examined the theory of embodied cognition from many different perspectives, says Fincher-Kiefer.
The goal of the EC3 project is to build a robust, open source, publicly available material embodied carbon database, easily sorted and statistically compared.
Jesus Christ--our divine brother--with fingers and feet and a heart that beats for all embodied hope.
With this research, she "embodied some of their customs in grieving, which had the greatest impact on me," the choreographer said.
There are two types of carbon emissions associated with the construction which is embodied or operational carbon emissions.
There is a conclusion in which Davidman discusses the impossibility of completely unlearning gendered religious embodied subjectivities.
If most of the embodied energy is our own, then great.
The 45th National Day Festival in the Governorate of Dhofarincluded / 9 / heritagetableaus that embodied the love and loyalty to the builder of the Modern Renaissance of Oman and pride in the achievements of the Renaissance in the national epic included a historical presentation, a picture of the present and a vision for the future of Oman under the leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said.
In this week's issue, the brains behind Abu Dhabi's Masdar City use their experience to illustrate the importance of reducing levels of embodied carbon within GCC buildings.
The project is dealing with methods for evaluating embodied energy and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of buildings, to develop guidelines that contribute to practitioners further understanding of the evaluation methods and to helping them to find better design and construction solutions of buildings with less embodied energy and CO2 emissions.