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Despite today's technological advancements and latest manufacturing techniques, handmade items still remain extremely popular because it truly embodies the creativity and skill of the craftsperson," said Pierre Issa, Director for Operations, Sharaf Industries.
In these and many other ways the church embodies the image of God as a sign of hope and care in the community.
Though the house no longer embodies the ghost, apparently, the threatening possibility always remains that it could again.
Finally, in chapters 5-6, Wittreich proceeds toward a direct critical engagement with the text of Samson Agonistes itself, which he views as designed "to frustrate, not foster, platitudinous Christianity" (194), and which embodies a post-Restoration critique of "Samson as Dan, Samson as Israel, Samson as Christ, Samson as Cromwell/Milton, [and] Samson as England" (198).
A financial instrument, other than an outstanding share, that, at inception, embodies an obligation to repurchase the issuer's equity shares, or is indexed to such an obligation, and that requires or may require the issuer to settle the obligation by transferring assets (for example, a forward purchase contract or written put option on the issuer's equity shares that is to be physically settled or net cash serried)
Meili & Peter's college for Swiss woodworkers (p67) ingeniously confounds traditional expectations of timber buildings and Caruso St John's new Walsall Art Gallery (p62) embodies a heightened awareness of the nuances of materials used simply yet rigorously.
I like to think that Brandon embodies something that we're moving toward and that we will continue learning to understand, enjoy, and represent our genders and our desires, individually and collectively, in our art and in our lives.
This outlook embodies the expectation that the effects of continuing tightness in labor markets will be largely offset by technical adjustments shaving a couple tenths from the published CPI, healthy productivity growth, flat or declining import prices, and little pressure in commodity markets.
UFC Newcomer Makes History with Unheard of 7 Second KO - Embodies Spirit of MMA Sportswear Brand
Christians on campus and elsewhere have the calling to be a community that embodies the gospel message and lives its identity.
HANUKKAH is popularized by a rabbinic myth; a myth that embodies a story told of a container of oil miraculously lasting seven days beyond its expected use.
Nonetheless, the memorial to FDR fittingly embodies Bill Clinton's Orwellian pronouncement that the "era of big government is over.