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Clergymen agree with prohibiting the embodying on TV of prophets, their companions
Modeled from crumpled aluminum and colored foils, these bulbous tentacles meander through Hirschhorn's sculptural displays like some unknown hypertrophic growth, thus embodying the sculptural equivalent of the governing forms of the advanced and universal reification of desire (and what else could now make up the matter of sculpture?
Embodying a true love for music and sports, Philips is searching for individuals between the ages of 14-24 years old who are interested in becoming the Philips "Fusionary.
This notion of Avey as an avatar, of embodying an ancestral figure, is also interesting in the context of her strong sensation of connection via threads from her navel, which she experiences during the dancing.
Embodying the formidable avatar of Jewess in her excessive, insatiable desire for goodies, she appears with her big nose in absolutely flawless outfits, delighting and disturbing all of us as singing surrogate for the sublime disproportion between our desires and our capacity to satisfy them.
iNEWS is the essence of "convergence newscasting," embodying the future of broadcasting rich media assets across multiple platforms -- spanning networks, local stations and webcasting via traditional broadcasters and Internet companies.
The evangelists portray Jesus as embodying the welcoming realm of God in all of his words and actions.
The last offers the "ideal" African American, embodying the culture of Africa and inhabiting the geographical space of the United States.
embodying all Bull's know-how in the payment sector.
By building working tools, the Bell Labs team members are working to address current, business-critical issues, produce software embodying their design principles, and improve their capability for rapidly producing novel, information-rich displays.