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However, embodying God's prophet and messengers is something disputable for
While the sale of a product embodying patent A would not exhaust patent B, a product practising patent A while substantially embodying patent B does not prevent exhaustion of patent B.
While it is not easy to encounter deep differences, especially when the differences we encounter challenge long-held ways of viewing the world and cherished convictions, they spend themselves on practices of friendship and hospitality, embodying the hope that the human community may find other paths through disagreement than trying to annihilate the opposition.
However, Humanists can't continue to allow Christians--right or left--to claim ownership of the values argument as did Reverend Timothy Simpson, director of religious affairs for the Christian Alliance for Progress, by saying, "An atheist that stands with a neighbor, that stands with poor people; that is concerned about the marginal and the oppressed, is somebody who is embodying the values of Jesus" Such people are embodying the values of Humanism.
By embodying religious behavior, even in a limited way and with secular intentions, significant corporeal insights can be gained into the practices and ethos of a religious system being studied, i.
The other subversive act the church may undertake, of course, is to leave the assembly, go back home, go to work, go to school, go to the homeless shelter, go to the cafe, and continue the "performance" by doing and embodying what has been seen to be true in worship.
Theirs were dialectical constructions embodying spectatorial experience without reifying it, dissolving fetishistic objects without denying the pervasiveness of objecthood, conceiving sculptural constructs as mass-cultural mimesis in which the governing conditions of object relations and intersubjective experience in public space were articulated without being monumentalized in affirmation.