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Gray, MD, Columbia University Medical Center, national principal investigator for the Gore EMBOLDEN Clinical Study.
Failure will embolden terrorists and jihadists globally to include those already inside our own countries.
I quickly count forty verses in which the Holy Spirit instructs, empowers, fills, witnesses, emboldens, comforts, sends, forbids, testifies, and converts countless numbers to Christianity using what seems to be hastily prepared preaching.
Small Business Administration presented Embolden with the Rhode Island Minority Business Enterprise of the Year Award; the Northern Rhode Island YMCA selected Harrington for a Women of Achievement Award; and, for the third year in a row, Embolden won the Alfred P.
In the Gore EMBOLDEN Clinical Study, we will continue to advance carotid stenting and improve care for patients with carotid disease," stated William A.
In all, more than 30 new clients have hired Embolden through the first half of 2008.
The Philadelphia Foundation engaged Embolden with the charge to create a powerful web presence that elegantly reflects our newly-developed identity and speaks to our many constituents," said Heather Moody, Project Systems Analyst for the Philadelphia Foundation.
Our very first major client was the Rhode Island Foundation," said Embolden president and founder, Ann-Marie Harrington.
The Embolden Team took the time to understand our Surfside Narragansett project and translate our vision into a visually striking and user-friendly website" said Robert Gilbane.
New Contracts and Award Recognition Fuel 40 Percent Growth for Embolden Design
However, Fitch believes that the decision may embolden developers and property rights advocates within the rapidly growing Washington metropolitan region, particularly in northern Virginia, to challenge other zoning restrictions and so-called 'smart growth' laws that seek to limit or direct development through the comprehensive land-use planning process.
With Massachusetts set to issue same-sex marriage licenses in just a matter of days, it is clear that attempts to change marriage by judicial edict not only skirt the democratic process and shred the rule of law, but also exclude the people from this fundamental debate and decision, and embolden local officials to determine for themselves which laws they will and will not enforce.