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Twenty-four years ago, Robert and Keith Smithson came up with the idea that they could use photopolymer letterpress plates to emboss images in papers and foils.
The method was used to successfully emboss multichannel millimeter waveguides, each of which weighed approximately 0.
The method was used to successfully emboss multichannel waveguides which require uniform edges and accurate dimensions.
Emboss Fonts creates highly personalized fonts for the Mac & PC, Stephen Boss (owner) has been designing fonts since the Mid Nineties.
When this high-aspect-ratio pillar array was used to emboss PMMA using the same embossing conditions as in Fig.
8220;We're thrilled to have Emboss Fonts support this year's competition and excited to see their work and those of other emerging type designers and foundries across the Web.
com)-- Emboss Fonts, an internationally recognized type foundry started by Stephen Boss in the mid nineties is pleased to announce that Monotype Imaging is now offering his typefaces as fonts.