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Twenty-four years ago, Robert and Keith Smithson came up with the idea that they could use photopolymer letterpress plates to emboss images in papers and foils.
Emboss Fonts have been available as web fonts since June of 2011 and owner Stephen Boss looks forward to the second annual awards increasing the notoriety of the service and its applications.
The method was used to successfully emboss multichannel millimeter waveguides, each of which weighed approximately 0.
The method was used to successfully emboss multichannel waveguides which require uniform edges and accurate dimensions.
When this high-aspect-ratio pillar array was used to emboss PMMA using the same embossing conditions as in Fig.
To emboss precise structures on the plastic plates, a master mold containing micropyramids is first made by traditional milling machines.
First, we can see that the pressure required to emboss the substrate for a multiple-depth mold is much higher than for a single-depth mold.