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die cuts embossed from aluminum foil with round printing with a tongue (diameter 95.
"This includes expert cigar band die cutting, custom printed cigar wraps, embossed cigar bands and gold-foiled cigar bands.
Unlike amorphous polymers, the semicrystalline polymers, such as PP, were almost impossible to be embossed at high elastic state, because it was a very narrow range, within 3[degrees]C to 5[degrees]C just below the crystalline melt point Tm.
The two middle backers also feature a multi-level embossed stone facade, along with a multi-level embossed window frame, surrounded by a hand-drawn watercolor of the water enhanced with UV gloss spot coating.
The result is that one side appears in gold, the other silver, with the embossed effect aimed at deterring counterfeits.
The NovaVision[TM] process transferred a proprietary foil imaging area to the substrate and then embossed the hologram onto it.
The innovation of embossed alphanumeric marks recognition sensor methods is very needful especially for marking machine in metallurgy industry because of dust faults [2].
Finally, after determining that the embossed image was not a real firearm, they told her to either check it, or surrender it.
office in Rolling Meadows, Ill.) is introducing Autotex Steel, a textured metallic-appearance film that is embossed with a brushed look.
Thanks to 'Feelings Expresso', now they can have their Valentine messages embossed on a bouquet of roses.
If you've ever savored a glass of great Chateauneuf-du-Pape, chances are good you've also dreamily traced your fingers over the raised glass of the embossed papal crest on the bottle.
The low profile linen embossed release film is said to offer productivity advantages similar to smooth film, yet has a slight profile to allow maximum release, according to the company.