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Intricate embossed foil accents add dimension and provide an upscale appearance.
The geometry stability of embossed micro structures, depending on relaxation and creep behaviors of the polymer, is also very important to take into consideration.
The NovaVision[TM] process transferred a proprietary foil imaging area to the substrate and then embossed the hologram onto it.
These range from 'Love You' messages to pictures of hearts, cupid or even personal photographs, in fact anything under the sun, all embossed on the roses.
Proprietary embossed bottles with raised lettering and logos were popular for beverages and sketchy curative tonics in the late 19th and early 20th century, but fell out of fashion as companies turned to paper labels and more dependable, simpler mass produced bottle designs.
While most polyester specialty films are cold-embossed and surface-dyed, the CGF films are embossed while the resin is hot.
Take leather, for example Versatile and stylish, leather is getting printed, embossed, stamped, and boldly Colored across product categories this season.
EMBOSSED, the mount of Japanese superstar Yutaka Take, can take his career tally to two wins from three starts.
These photos, transferred to the embossed paper, create an unusual dimension of reality, said the artist.
Embellished picture frames, embossed note cards, decorated wooden boxes and handmade birdhouses are just some of the gifts you can make for relatives, teachers and friends.
The UV gloss spot coating on the purple text, graphics, and embossed areas provides a striking contrast to the overall matte finish surrounding it.