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First, an embosser had to be created that could accept a symbol from a computer and convert that symbol into an embossable pattern of dots corresponding to a braille character.
For $1,695, the Braille Blazer prints 15 characters per second, while Romeo embossers print either 20 characters per second, for $2,995 or 40 characters per second for $3,795.
Visitors' names, addresses, and some demographic data, could be captured quickly and inexpensively in the time it took to run a card through the embosser.
Made of durable plastic that sticks to any smooth, clean surface, embossing labels are compatible with the comfortable and easy-to-use DYMO Organizer Xpress(TM) Embosser, which is ideal for cost-conscious parents, homeowners and DIY enthusiasts.
Computer hardware, including peripheral devices such as braille embossers, becomes faster.
Products offered include: unwinds/winders, coaters and complete coating lines, roll to roll laminators, flatbed laminators, steel belted continuous presses, embossers, precision calenders, roll stands, membrane lines, continuous ovens/dryers, casting roll stands, downstream equipment, complete extruding lines, specialized conveyor fed ovens, pin frames, cut-to-length systems, extrusions lines and multi-ply laminators for automotive applications.
Line of web-converting equipment includes coaters, laminators, gravure printing presses, slitters, embossers, unwinds and rewinds.
We work hard to provide a solution for all your printing and marking needs by offering a wide line of plastic card printers, metal tag embossers, metal tag markers, and plastic card embossers.
The product portfolio includes: document and check processing solutions, coin and banknote recyclers, automatic deposit systems for checks and banknotes, desktop embossers for financial card instant issuance and OEM modules.
Sandy likes maps produced on braille embossers, because the images are strong and distinctive.
Offers vacuum calibration tanks, servo cutters, saws, pullers, embossers, takeaway conveyors, and other downstream accessories.
For over 110 years, the BF Perkins corporation has manufactured calenders and embossers for a variety of textile applications.