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We assume that there are also longer voids because the embossment zones appear white.
Terms connected with the decorative arts are also antedated, such as embossment n.
Above the southern stone, a symbol of the Ahuramazda embossment, a replica from Achaemenian buildings is in sight.
Black Diamond coating technology, 5-Layer Multi-Layered Steel and rubber coated single-layer stainless steel with embossment are some of the many advantages provided by these new sealing solutions.
Letters and embossment on the sidewall severely reduce the repeatability of the measurement using these type sensors.
The earthenware body of Harvest Home is produced in a warm off-glaze and a wheat embossment.
Two simple epigraphs in the cuneiform embossment script can be observed on the construction dating to 397 AH.
5b, PEMI is fulfilled with diesel oil and formed a morphology structure similar with embossment.
WHAT'S NEW: VeraIlia's FlexRun Service is the first of its kind in the North American wine market and allows any winery to order specialty bottles at a competitive price, whether its adding a customized embossment to a stock bottle or creating an entirely new bottle design.