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This child no doubt is now grown up happily to man's estate, {96} and he and his father will have a joyful meeting and embrace one another as it is right they should do, whereas my wicked wife did not even allow me the happiness of looking upon my son, but killed me ere I could do so.
When the god had accomplished the deed of love, he took her hand in his own and said, 'Tyro, rejoice in all good will; the embraces of the gods are not fruitless, and you will have fine twins about this time twelve months.
It would be such a scandal that when I had risen from your embraces I could never show myself inside your house again; but if you are so minded, there is a room which your son Vulcan has made me, and he has given it good strong doors; if you would so have it, let us go thither and lie down.
A private label solution customized by Embrace for financial institutions, the Assisted Correspondent program is designed so that the originating institution maintains control over the client relationship while gaining full access to Embrace's processing speed, technology and secondary market pricing.
Aspect Imaging developed Embrace Neonatal MRI System to be placed inside the NICU to reduce the time and risks involved with transporting infants to an external facility in which traditional MRI scanners are typically situated.
He also thanked and appreciated all the persons and means that played key role to make them convenient to embrace Islam.
To be recognised as a Best Place to Work, not only in our industry but across all businesses, is a tremendous honour,' said Kurt Noyce, president of Embrace Home Loans.
Genevieve Anyiah - CEO / Founder Embrace the Natural You's multi-purpose natural and organic hair care, formulated and developed by a Detroit native, Genevieve M.
BEIRUT: Local nonprofit group Embrace is hosting a fundraiser next week to help establish the first emotional crisis and suicide prevention help line in Lebanon.
The Embrace Better Care program, specially designed for customers using Omnis Health Embrace brand blood glucose monitoring products, provides instant online access to such important diabetes educational information as eating healthy, how to exercise safely and maintaining proper glucose levels.
Mobile Embrace, however, has refrained from revealing the identity of the mobile services provider in its media announcement.
Dutch trance DJ Armin van Buuren is giving Dubai his Embrace .