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LivXia's husband Abdullah was also student of IIUI and during the course of study embraced Islam form Buddhism some years back.
1 : to hold in the arms : hug <The old friends embraced each other.
Americans who tend to romanticize the BBC as the quality alternative to the American boob tube will be surprised to learn that the BBC seems to have embraced the programming strategies of the History Channel, known as the Hitler Channel for its fixation on re-fighting World War II.
Where Baiden would truly like to see his ideology embraced is in the mining sector.
Shand-Tucci defines Medieval and Modernist as 'more purely architectural'; American as a 'liberal' approach to politics which embraced both Mussolini and the New Deal (a not uncommon conjunction everywhere at the time); and Ecumenical in Cram's problems with reconciling Protestantism to a more embracing spirituality.
But more dramatically, these groups have also embraced a pro-market rhetoric, rightly seeing that trade reform can be a powerful engine for development.
A Brighouse rock band embraced a little help from a world- famous friend.
With these works he represents how Manuel, beginning in 1523, took the tradition of the Fasmachtspielin Bern and used it as a tool to agitate for reform within an environment where only a minority of the patriciate and populace had embraced the agenda of reform.
He writes that the Letter goes further, to say that the ecological crisis is a profoundly religious crisis, for Christ entered into and embraced our humanity and also all of God's creation.
It is murdered or given life as the other, the Palestinian, is banished or embraced by the Jewish community" (0, Jerusalem, 91).
As the Internet moved from the bastion of the technology savvy toward being embraced by the business world in general, a host of trading sites cropped up.
When some visitors to the country, who privately disparage public, mainstream culture, engaged in an act of criminal violence against that culture, many citizens embraced an all too familiar response: find and expel the foreigners in our midst.