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Commercial hip hop is typically associated with gangsta rap, thugs, foul language, degrading messages, abuses of women, and embracement of drugs, criminality and the fast life that sells albums.
Lightly he clipt her twixt his armes twaine, And streightly did embrace her body bright, Her body, late the prison of sad paine, Now the sweet lodge of love and deare delight: But she faire Lady overcommen quite In huge affection, did in pleasure melt, And in sweet ravishment pourd out her spright: No word they spake, nor earthly thing they felt, But like two senceless stocks in long embracement dwelt (III xii 45, 1590 ed.
Activities such as debates, role-plays, ice-breakers, and simulations, encourage student symbiotic learning and the embracement of peer responsibility (Bandura, 1982).
He concluded by applauding the "faith, great sacrifices, steadfastness and rare courage which the Armed Forces have showed in confronting the killing and terrorism facing the homeland's sons, stressing the Syrian people's embracement of the Armed Forces which reflected national unity in their steadfastness and adherence and therefore have become the target of the enemies for distorting the history of these forces".
14) The first key to such a transition is the executive's embracement of servant-leadership.
Such reassurance and such an approach have certainly had an impact on Tehran, leading to it retracting its decision to reject the "carrot" and not be responsive to US President Barack Obama's method, based on enticement, embracement and encouragement.
With the advent of the technology boom in the GCC, there has been a swift embracement of data centres from companies based in the region, and as a result a number of companies specialising in their development and maintenance have flocked to cities like Dubai and set up shop.
That transition is via introduction and embracement of the Aviation Safety Awareness Program, more commonly known as ASAP.
Sharing their embracement of this new land, Aaron Allbright discusses the beauty of the natural land to the rumors of cannibalism.
The marked discrepancy between the enthusiastic embracement of Janacek abroad and the much more distant reception on the part of Czech audiences has also been confirmed by Czech artists who have participated in productions of Janacek operas worldwide.
If left untreated, lymphedema may predispose the affected limb to the development of other secondary complications like recurrent bouts of cellulitis or lymphangitis, axillary vein thrombosis, severe functional impairment, cosmetic embracement, and lymphangiosarcoma [9].