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Moreover, the new United Express flight will use the 50-seat Embracer Regional Jet and will marginally exceed two hours each way.
Sheikh Abdul Qadir, who has just expanded his business by branching out said, Being a technology buff myself, I was one of the earliest embracer of cell phone among my family and friends.
Her lifelong stance as a challenge seeker, opportunity embracer, and lifelong learner makes evident her understanding that each "pinnacle" is also another beginning.
As Whitman is the expansive embracer of the large and the list, Dickinson is the anatomist of singular experience, tallied acutely and fearlessly from within.
Though comically exaggerated -- "I am Suitor of Totality, Embracer of Contradictories, Husband to all Creation, the Cosmic Lover
38) Rather than only a graveyard, the river is also the erotic embracer of the women left behind.
Author Sylvia McNicoll profiles Arthur Slade, novelist and enthusiastic embracer of new technologies that help him reach more readers.
As for the Queen of heaven, Hera is changed from torturer of a son of god to a sweet embracer of him, that is, to an elegiac pastoral or pieta.
Page 412: Given Kenneth Anger and given the photograph (one Hitler Youth's arm around the back, and hand on the shoulder, of another; the embracer is starting to giggle and the embracee looks a little "Uh-oh"), I suppose the essay--and Anger's film, Ich Will
This age group is characterized as, an embracer of food and innovations, very socially active, have attained financial independence and posses a strong global culture and outgoing personalities.