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Sustainability: The 'Embracers' seize advantage: Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
It is firstly seeking the army's help against the results produced by the ballot boxes, and secondly disregarding the negative role played by the army (under civilian presidents) throughout decades, as the embracer and protector of the oppression of freedoms and the imprisonment of oppositionists, including the opposition figures who now deal with the army as their supporter.
"In continuing efforts to develop the sector of date palm on a scientific, technological, and well established ground, the Khalifa Centre for Bio Technologies and Genetic Engineering has been established under the umbrella of the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) being the embracer of knowledge and producer of all sciences," said Shaikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
He was a relentless critic (some might say intellectual saboteur) of the Weimar Republic and apparently an enthusiastic embracer of National Socialism when it came to power.
As an embracer of social media, it is in a class of its own.This is a country, after all, that became the first to announce a military campaign via Twitter.
Sheikh Abdul Qadir, who has just expanded his business by branching out said, Being a technology buff myself, I was one of the earliest embracer of cell phone among my family and friends.
Her lifelong stance as a challenge seeker, opportunity embracer, and lifelong learner makes evident her understanding that each "pinnacle" is also another beginning.
As Whitman is the expansive embracer of the large and the list, Dickinson is the anatomist of singular experience, tallied acutely and fearlessly from within.
He's an exceptionally smart guy, very serious and an embracer of exceptionally talented folks." Folkenflik says Bradley's work nurturing The Atlantic magazine to profitability after he bought it in 1999 is an indication that the man has vision and a good read on market demand.
Though comically exaggerated -- "I am Suitor of Totality, Embracer of Contradictories, Husband to all Creation, the Cosmic Lover!" (516)--Burlingame's cosmophilism points the path to the whole; "I love no part of the world," he says, "but the entire parti-colored whole, with all her poles and contradictories" (508).
(38) Rather than only a graveyard, the river is also the erotic embracer of the women left behind.
Author Sylvia McNicoll profiles Arthur Slade, novelist and enthusiastic embracer of new technologies that help him reach more readers.