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Risk embracers also admitted that they were more willing than their peers to take risks in other areas of life, such as borrowing too much when buying a house or making a career change with less financial security.
The study results found that Embracer corporations tended to be large global or regional companies and in resource-intensive industries.
The report describes that day-to-day embracers are most likely to be women, young, and have lower income and savings levels.
The embracers might see that the values they provided for their total self-reported internet use are lower than they would have estimated, resulting in a higher reported total value for total calculated interact use.
For some of us, the embracers, this has been a moment of validation that confirms what we've suspected all along.
GE and other embracers of video-on-demand still have major avenues to cross to get a viable platform up and running:
In a recent article in this journal, Belenky (1999) classified former presidents into six categories: still ambitious, exhausted volcanoes, political dabblers, first citizens, embracers of a cause, and seekers of vindication.
Louis); and (3) the Embracers Model used by teams that viewed television as a force that would build fan interest, increasing box office receipts.
For it is the embracers who most easily become the shapers.