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It's appropriate that Ann McTavish should be celebrated as one of the world's most renowned embroiderers, producing work on an epic scale.
The embroiderers are finding the new business more profitable and less stressful than working in the diamond industry.
Above: A sleeveless evening ensemble with high neck, deep-pointed front bodice, embroidered by Lasarge, world's most renowned embroiderer, with double-chiffon, gathered-hip drape skirt falling to floor.
Margaret, aged 58, works for the Walsalased promotional printers and embroiderers.
Anne was an embroiderer and suddenly, with her hands in the suds, it came to her - the project that would result in the Quaker Tapestry, an intricate labour of love that took 15 years and the hands of 4,000 women, children and men from around the world.
EMBROIDERER Mary Ball and her pals have created a stunning girdle and neck garment for Coventry's modernday Lady Godiva.
Embroiderer Vivienne Brown, from Meltham, is exhibiting her work at the Fashion and Embroidery Show in Harrogate this weekend.
Celestial Stitchers Chapter of the Embroiderer's Guild of America Embroiderers learn new stitching skills and techniques or just enjoy some time to stitch with new friends.
Embroiderer Helen McCook said she was "bursting with pride" when the finished gown was finally revealed to millions of TV viewers and a crowd of thousands at Westminster Abbey.