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Historians believe that the tapestry was the work of professional female embroiderers, probably of Anglo-Saxon origin, in the Canterbury area.
Embroiderers of any skill level with a bit of confidence will be inspired by the book's easy designs, and will be delighted to see that they can complete many simple projects in the span of a lunch break, or in other little pockets of time throughout the day.
It later evolved into interactive lectures and demonstrations featuring weavers and embroiderers from different parts of the country.
Most of the embroiderers are getting old or have already died.
It was a beautiful piece of textile work hand-stitched by the young Merseyside embroiderers aged seven to 17.
1000 New Embroidery Designs is a pattern book for intermediate to advanced embroiderers.
However, the foundational skills for costume-making exist within longstanding craft communities of tailors, dyers and embroiderers.
The work on display has been created by painters, graphic designers, sculptors, photographers, street artists, calligraphers, embroiderers, wood burners and architects to spread awareness about local artists in Bahrain.
This interest in intersubjective exchange became central to the monumental works the artist produced in collaboration with anonymous draftspeople and embroiderers from the early '70s onward.
Contemporary Urban Centre, until November 30; The Art Books of Henri Matisse, The Walker, until April 15, 2012; Costume Drama: Fashion from 1790 to 1850, Sudley House, until May 7, 2012; The Finishing Touch: Women's Accessories, 1830-1940, Lady Lever Gallery, until December 11; The Embroiderers Guild, Victoria Gallery & Museum, until December 23; Peter Blake: An Alphabet, The Walker, until February 12; Age of the Dinosaur, World Museum Liverpool, until April 15, 2012; A Question of Taste, Victoria Gallery & Museum, until January 28.
IT was so secret not even the top team of embroiderers knew the identity of the dress designer.
THE secrecy surrounding Kate Middleton's wedding dress was so tight that even the embroiderers working on the gown did not know the identity of the designer, it emerged last night.