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For an account of the use of emblems as decorative patterns for embroideries and tapestries, see Freeman, 90-95.
Di Maggio's pierced embroideries have this fairy quality, in which the images become a labyrinth and a dream, as the glance gets lost amid their interweavings.
Following the use of Yun brocade that is known for the old saying of "An inch of Jin, an inch of gold," four exquisite and famous Chinese embroideries (Jiangsu Embroidery, Sichuan Embroidery, Guangdong Embroidery and Hu'nan Embroidery), K'o-ssu -- "the deity of weaving", and the excellent knotting technique dating back to early ancient times, NE-TIGER made innovation again during this fashion show to Qiang Embroidery with its thousand-year-old flavor of Qiang ethnic group, gorgeously reproducing the profound Qiang culture in a modern fashion design.
Chandresh Kumari Katoch here today inaugurated an exclusive exhibition on Indian embroideries Resurgence .
The author cites historical references to the embroideries of the Himalayan region, from Mauryan accounts to Buddhist and medieval-period literature, etc.
Space: The largest embroidery area available in the market today (up to 360x350mm), the longest free arm and the most space to the right of the needle (250mm) enables sewers to create the largest embroideries in the industry and create sewing projects with unprecedented amounts of fabric.