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Several industries has been established to design hand embroideries, he concluded.
Some of the embroideries are so fine that one may need a magnifying glass to experience the delicateness of the needlework.
An entire repertoire of folklore, poetry and songs emerged as women sat together making these embroideries.
A few generations ago, Cypriot women would create lace embroideries to decorate their future homes after they were married.
But whatever the support or material she employs, di Maggio always composes an ornamental sequence of fragments, as if her embroideries were torn and then recomposed without logic or apparent order, following the impulse of the moment.
Julie said: "My embroideries are often quite contemporary.
Embroideries in the form of samplers, Oriental panels or garment decoration, continue to command excellent prices in the sale rooms and the antiques fairs.
1) that displays perfectly the sprigs of flowers, fruits, and vege tables enclosed within scrolling stems which characterize Elizabethan and Jacobean embroideries.
Consisting of 30 profusely yet subtly colorful silk masterpieces from China's 900-year-old Suzhou Embroidery Research Institute (SERI), the exhibition's most astonishing component may be a series of 13 large-scale embroideries based on prints by renowned landscape photographer Robert Glenn Ketchum.