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2 : to decorate with needlework <I'm embroidering a tablecloth.
The company performs custom embroidering for local schools, college apparel and accessories, military uniform stripe/name work, Georgia National Guard, and commercial businesses around the area.
Needlecraft enthusiasts are provided with twenty projects with their step-by-step instructions and coordinating outfit ideas; techniques and tips for selecting and using blanks, notions, designs, templates, stabilizers, hoops and machines; as well as invaluable information on embroidering tops and bottoms, necklines, collars, cuffs, pockets, and trim.
ABOUT three years ago, I started a business, JLS Embroidery, supplying and embroidering work wear, leisurewear and school wear.
The film also features a clip from the TV show, the only episo de in which Alexis is ever seen embroidering.
Yes, fashion friends, while some of us were pressing the pleats in our khakis, designers were embroidering daisies on capri pants.
Translating a devotional work was an acceptable demonstration of learning as well as an appropriately pious exercise for a young girl,(62) just as embroidering a cover attested to her facility with the needle, a skill also expected of girls.
Sewing and embroidering becomes a portal to the Internet for many people.