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2 : to decorate with needlework <I'm embroidering a tablecloth.
The company performs custom embroidering for local schools, college apparel and accessories, military uniform stripe/name work, Georgia National Guard, and commercial businesses around the area.
Needlecraft enthusiasts are provided with twenty projects with their step-by-step instructions and coordinating outfit ideas; techniques and tips for selecting and using blanks, notions, designs, templates, stabilizers, hoops and machines; as well as invaluable information on embroidering tops and bottoms, necklines, collars, cuffs, pockets, and trim.
ABOUT three years ago, I started a business, JLS Embroidery, supplying and embroidering work wear, leisurewear and school wear.
The film also features a clip from the TV show, the only episo de in which Alexis is ever seen embroidering.
Translating a devotional work was an acceptable demonstration of learning as well as an appropriately pious exercise for a young girl,(62) just as embroidering a cover attested to her facility with the needle, a skill also expected of girls.