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11, the bank has announced a third-quarter net loss of $380 million, owing most of that loss to its embroilment in a number of ongoing probes and regulation infringements.
Similarly, reflecting the channel's embroilment in larger geopolitical dynamics, the managing director of TRT-7-al-Turkiyya, Sefer Turan, an Egypt-educated Arabic-speaking Turk who previously worked for the Islamic 7 channel of the now-defunct al-Refah Islamic Party, added:
The announcement, expected Tuesday, will happen in the midst of military leaders' embroilment in sexual harassment scandals.
According to Hasikos, seven land registry officials are under criminal or disciplinary investigation in relation to allegations of corruption, bribery, embroilment, violation of personal data laws and depriving the state of revenue.
40) The subjective test was infringed because the judges stated that the applicant had "deeply insulted" them "as persons," which in itself indicated their "personal embroilment.
For the bloody conflict in the country, the embroilment of Christian, Zionist and Western world is to blame, so they argue.
A second aspect of the war--the government's embroilment with defense companies such as Haliburton and private security firms such as Blackwater--was satirized in strips that featured Trudeau's least sympathetic character Duke, and his Chinese assistant, Honey.
Instead, Israel is running away from peace making to warmongering, risking embroilment of the United States in a war on Iran that Washington does not want, at least for now.
Instead, Israel is running away from peacemaking to warmongering, risking the embroilment of the United States in a war on Iran that Washington does not want, at least for now.
Even geometers also found it useful to avoid embroilment in philosophical disputes about definitions of terms or about the existence of mathematical entities.
And though there were signs of mission creep, of deepening embroilment in Libya's civil war, the U.
Dubai state-owned developer, NakheelAAEs current embroilment in both lingering and longwinded legal actions with third-party contractors, is preventing buyers from