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The 26-year-old mum was aged just one when the donor embryo was frozen in 1992.
Thus, in vitro culture of embryo and the coculture with ESCs verified the recent report of El-danasouri et al.
Most clinicians still use the approach of placing an embryo during the same cycle when the oocyte was harvested, "the way it's always been done, but at many clinics now they see that with vitrification they can get pregnancy rates that are similar to or even better than fresh embryo transfer.
Without this technology, the embryos are being monitored once after fertilisation and again on the day of embryo transfer leaving out important details that can be used to choose the healthiest embryo.
Frozen embryo babies typically had a longer gestation period than those born from fresh embryos, the research also found.
An accompanying editorial explains that this is important because the embryos needed for single embryo transfer can be obtained from one egg recovery procedure, and it is that procedure and the ovarian stimulation that precedes it that are responsible for the main costs and morbidity associated with IVF.
Nearly 90 percent of embryo transfers involve at least two embryos, and more than 40 percent involve at least three.
Morphological assessment of embryos for their quality is a common practice for embryo selection prior to embryo transfer.
Government funded the National Embryo Donation Center with 10 million dollars in 2008.
Cytogenetic & fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) studies on developmentally arrested and morphologically poor embryo have shown high frequency of chromosomal abnormality and mosaicism.