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To remove or convey from one place or person to another. The removal of a case from one court to another court within the same system where it might have been instituted. An act of the parties, or of the law, by which the title to property is conveyed from one person to another.

Transfer encompasses the sale and every other method, direct or indirect, of (1) disposing of property or an interest therein or possession thereof; or (2) fixing a lien (a charge against property to secure a debt) absolutely or conditionally, voluntarily or involuntarily, with or without judicial proceedings, in the form of a conveyance, sale, payment, pledge, lien, mortgage, gift, or otherwise. The term transfer has a general meaning and can include the act of giving property by will.

Transfer is the comprehensive term used by the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)—a body of law adopted by the states that governs mercantile transactions—to describe the act that passes an interest in an instrument (a written legal document) from one person to another.

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n. 1) the movement of property from one person or entity to another. 2) passage of title to property from the owner to another person. 3) a piece of paper given to allow a person or shipment to continue travel.

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to make over to another rights in or interests over property; sometimes the term is used as a noun to denote the instrument by which this is effected.
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TRANSFER, cont. The act by which the owner of a thing delivers it to another person, with the intent of passing the rights which he has in it to the latter.
     2. It is a rule founded on the plainest dictates of common sense, adopted in all systems of law, that no one can transfer a right to another which he has not himself: nemo plus juris ad alienum transfers potest quam ipse habet. Dig. 50, 17, 54 10 Pet. 161, 175; Co. Litt. 305.
     3. To transfer means to change; for example, one may transfer a legacy, either, 1st. By the change of the person of the legatee, as, I bequeath to Primus a horse which I before bequeathed to Secundus. 2d. By the change of the thing bequeathed, as, I bequeath to Tertius my History of the United States instead of my copy of the Life of Washington. 3d. By the change of the person who was bound to pay the legacy, as, I direct that the sun) of one hundred dollars, which I directed should be charged upon my house which I gave to Quartus, shall be paid by my executors.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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