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Shi and associates found in a prior study of women with PCOS that the live birth rate was higher with frozen embryo transfer (42% vs.
There is no evidence that the time from egg retrieval to embryo transfer affects live birth rates in a freeze-all strategy.
Embryo transfer (ET) performed on the second or third day of fertilization when the embryos are at the 4-8 cell stage has an implantation rate lower than 20% (1-3).
As it is obvious from the data presented in Table 1, the embryo transfer efficiency is higher in beef cattle breeding.
Influence of pressure changes during embryo transfer on blastocyst viability.
Single embryo transfer with comprehensive chromosome screening results in improved ongoing pregnancy rates and decreased miscarriage rates.
Nine of the 26 JS cows became pregnant following JB embryo transfer, but one calf was stillborn after 250 d of pregnancy.
Animal strain may affect embryo transfer outcome, for example, DBA/2J mouse strain that is widely used for biomedical research suffers from poor reproductive performance (3) while F1 C57BL/6xDBA/2 (B6D2F1) and FVB/N strains are routinely used in ET programs.
Meclofenamic acid extends donor-recipient asynchronyc in equine embryo transfer.
Drafting a federal embryo transfer law is easy enough, but assuring enforcement by regulators and compliance by physicians and patients presents near insurmountable barriers.
Mohan was born as a result of cryopreserved embryo transfer.
8%) ET = embryo transfer; ETC = embryo transfer cycle.