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In vivo embryoids from anthers of Narcissus biflorus Curt.
6] individual embryonic stem cells were plated at low density in bacteriological petri dishes for embryoid body formation.
Among the different kinds of cells within the embryoid bodies were germ cells destined to become sperm.
They were allowed to mature for two or three weeks inside the embryoid bodies before being located and removed.
The researchers started by coaxing embryonic stem cells to form clusters known as embryoid bodies.
They can spontaneously form embryoid bodies, clusters of differentiated cells also formed by embryonic stem cells.
16 Determining Pluripotency of Human Embryonic Stem Cells: Embryoid Body Formation
Dupuis, et al, [87] studied the effect of plant donor tissue and isolation procedure effect on early embryoid formation from protoplasts of sunflower.
In further studies, the iPS cells readily developed into clusters of cells called embryoid bodies from which cells of virtually any type can develop.
As they divided, the stem cells aggregated into microscopic clumps called embryoid bodies.