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Using the powerful data analysing software in the Embryscope, this extra information should enable the embryologists at the QE Gateshead to identify healthier embryos that have the best chance of implantation and reduce the risk of miscarriage.
When the embryologist arrived in the theatre, Ms G was already under sedation.
We have a new lab with clean air pumped in constantly and have improved the way embryologists work.
And that was all after another embryologist, Kath Drezet, had given birth in the summer.
This was confirmed by Richard Gardner, an embryologist at Oxford University, U.
But at least two other recipients scoffed at the agency's threat: Panos Zavos, an embryologist at a Kentucky fertility clinic, and Brigitte Boisselier, the scientific director of Clonaid, the clinic set up by a group known as the Raelians, who believes human beings were genetically engineered by aliens.
Working with embryologist Thomas Hunt Morgan in the legendary "fly room" at Columbia, Sturtevant arranged the ordered sequence of genes for eye color, wing shape, body size, and other characteristics based on their appearance in consecutive generations of Drosophila.
Police are reported to want to speak to embryologist Paul Fielding, 33.
The goal of embryologist Ian Wilmut, the lead scientist, is to develop a way to raise identical sheep that produce medications for humans.
On the cusp of Women's History Month, the papers announced that an embryologist from Scotland had for the first time successfully cloned a sheep whose fleece was white as snow and named it Dolly.
As an embryologist, he has devoted his professional career to the study of regeneration.
Now when I work with another embryologist, it's as if we have one brain and four hands.