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Although pure embryonal carcinoma is a relatively rare neoplasm, it is the most common component in mixed germ cell tumors.
Undifferentiated embryonal sarcoma of the liver usually occurs as a single and well-circumscribed lesion grossly.
Because of its complex and unusual growth patterns, YST component tends to be confused with other GCT components such as embryonal carcinoma, immature teratoma, and even seminoma.
OCT-4 is a reliable marker for both dysgerminoma and embryonal carcinoma.
Those cells can be found in embryonal dental development stages, as well as in the pulp of mature teeth.
There was no membranous staining in pure seminomas, but it was present in two embryonal carcinomas.
Embryonal cancer generally presents on MRI as a large, unilateral, predominantly solid mass containing cystic (mucoid-filled) spaces.
Subcutaneous embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma in a dog: cytologic, immunocytochemical, histologic, and ultrastructural features.
The patient was diagnosed with ruptured germ cell tumor with predominant yolk salc tumor and embryonal carcinoma component.
7) Several studies revealed that the pathogenesis of PGC can be explained by the dedifferentiation of malignant adenocarcinoma tissue to the level of the embryonal ectoderm, retaining the ability to form trophoblasts.