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However, embryonic infection that does not result in embryonic death is the basic requirement for successful vertical transmission.
Those authors did not report embryonic death by thermal stress; however, those studies either analyzed the beginning of embryonic development (until 96h of incubation) or carried out a small temperature variation (increase or decrease of 1[degrees]C).
The effect of embryonic death rates in cattle on the efficacy of estrous synchronization programs.
It would have been clearer to either present a nonthreshold model or to leave out the >1 rem threshold dose for embryonic death during the preimplantation phase.
The storage materials used were determined not to have any influence on early and late embryonic death rates.
The condition does not prevent conception, but it does lead to early embryonic death in the majority of cases, explaining why it initially appeared the stallion had impregnated his mares, only for the pregnancies to disappear.
In those cases of embryonic death, the heart rate dropped rapidly between 2 measurement points.