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Pregnancy rates, embryonic mortality rates, calving rates, twinning rates, and calf sex ratios of repeat breeder Holstein cows subjected to AI at different times after the onset of spontaneous estrus are shown in Table 3.
2009) added 6mg/kg of canthaxanthin to the diet of broiler breeders and observed a reduction in the number of infertile eggs and embryonic mortality as well as an increase in hatching rates.
Chick embryonic mortality has long been a subject of biological interest as well as a problem of economic importance (Xi et al.
During the second as well as the third period, the same trend as that of the first period was observed with respect to embryonic mortality.
Late embryonic mortality in IVP pregnancies represents the major cause for low cloning efficiency (34).
To quantify the embryonic mortality within each egg mass, we followed methods of Russell and Phillips (2009), examining the first 60 embryos of each egg mass and scoring each as viable or inviable.
The highest early and late embryonic mortality was observed in small egg weight category followed by that of medium and large egg weight categories.
After the incubation period to determine hatchability hatched and unhatched eggs were counted and unhatched eggs were opened to discern macroscopically infertility or embryonic mortality in the following categories: fertile without development (FND) positive development (PD) early abortion (EA) late abortion (LA) or pipped but not out of shell (P) (Juarez- Caratachea and Ortiz 2001; Ernst et al.
Use of pregnancy specific proteins and progesterone assays to monitor pregnancy and determine the timing, frequencies and sources of embryonic mortality in ruminants.
Histological examination of serosal membranes in studies of early embryonic mortality in the ewe.
Embryonic mortality can be high during the last days of incubation, and the breeder may not be able to detect embryo morbidity or mortality by using these relatively crude methods of embryo assesment.