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Hypoplasia during the early embryonic period could result to severe clefting of the mandible extending into the neck, while disturbances during the late embryonic period may result in less severe median clefts.
Also the natural growth of leg skeleton in quail embryo from the primary mesenchymal changes to last stages of embryonic period are investigated thoroughly [20].
For the chromodorid Felimare californiensis (= Hypselodoris californiensis) (Bergh, 1879) we inferred mode of development based on estimates of embryonic period and egg size.
Data analysis, We calculated the mean and standard error for the duration and survival in each instar and for the pre-pupa and pupa, as well as for pre-oviposition periods, duration of the embryonic period and hatchability.
The total embryonic period was 6-8 days after spawning, with an average [+ or -] SD of 7.
2003) and in late embryonic period liver become enlarged and considerable functional or morphological development of chick liver such as formation of subendothelial space were occurred at late incubation specially after day-16 (SandstrOm and Westman, 1971; Suksaweang et al.
An analysis of the gene shows that it is expressed during the embryonic period that is vital to the formation of dendrites, which form synapses or connections between brain cells.
Nestle has published this excellent book on how nutrition can have effect on growth, immunity and disease in very early part of life including embryonic period.