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There were no differences between groups regarding the morphological features of the embryonic vesicle, embryo proper/fetus, conceptus location inside the vesicle and umbilical cord formation, based on ultrasound examination on the evaluated days.
When the embryonic vesicle growth was assessed and the variable day was compared between groups, there were no differences between the averages of Altrenogest and Control group on the evaluated days of pregnancy (P>0.
The spherical shape of the embryonic vesicle observed at 15 days is well documented in the literature (GINTHER, 1992; GINTHER, 1995; SILVA & GINTHER, 2006) and is attributed to the glycoprotein capsule that surrounds the vesicle, providing resilience to the embryo during the intrauterine mobility phase (days six to 16 after ovulation), necessary for the maternal recognition of pregnancy (BETTERIDGE, 1989).