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Transgenic knockout mouse models of IRP1, IRP2 indicate that the double knockout is embryonically lethal (52).
This is, therefore, a battle of equals, which prefigures embryonically the growth toward the graceful, loving equality of the central Rojack/Cherry passage in An American Dream.
2) Specialties were certainly real, but in a still embryonically capitalized book trade they were also organic and took time to establish, sometimes never doing so.
Jones' work is renowned for being inspired by West Wales and his paintings emerge embryonically from rural Dyfed.
A gene mapping to the sex determining region of the mouse Y chromosome is a member of a novel family of embryonically expressed genes.
The author proposes to illustrate how memory--our accounts of the past--is embryonically structured by narrative language, so tightly indeed that a memory is really indistinguishable from its telling.
While he may have already had his team to face Albion pencilled in embryonically, the performances of Fabrice Mua-mba, Neil Danns, Jerome and Seb Larsson in Tuesday's Carling Cup tie have given him food for thought.
Sarcomas are a group of malignant tumors arising embryonically from primitive mesoderm.
The process through which these cells emerge and acquire the capacity to identify and suppress self-reactive lymphoid clones occurs embryonically.
This exchange does not so much herald the eventual separation of the various disciplines embryonically mixed in the combatants' discourse as it signifies a watershed in the practice of the public sphere in the course of the 1790's: whereas at the start of the controversy, Samuel Ireland could confidently appeal to the courts of the republic of letters for standards of rational arbitration, by the time the dust had settled, such belletristic discourse had become hopelessly politicized.