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Some of the best emcees out there today are Native, might I add.
Ballz became the youngest rapper to reach the finals, and it was there that both aspiring emcees met producers including Mondee, who helped further their music careers.
This has been a challenging year for publicists," emcee Jimmy Kimmel said when he kicked off the 44th annual International Cinematographers Guild Publicists Awards, which he nicknames the Pubies.
Lloyd Gyles, a 19-year-old, of Red House Crescent, is one of the area's best-known emcees.
Some of the biggest names in hip-hop got their start battle rapping, a competition in which two emcees stand face to face and take turns verbally attacking and spitting rhymes against the other.
Mercury Prize winning Emcee and producer Dizzie is setting the music world alight.
In keeping with the festival's multigenerational vision, the female emcee summit "Beyond the Bling" hosted by hip-hop artist Toni Blackman will light up the 7 Stages Theater in the artsy Little Five Points neighborhood.
Eighty-five percent of emcees you hear spit are automatically out; "You sound like Jay, man.
one of her signature, syrupy thumpers produced by JD himself is dedicated to one of her favorite all-time emcees, MC Lyte.
Black emcees are missing in the underground, like they all over the commercial but they MIA underground.