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As Leah Marcus contends, modern editions also emend that body into conformity with colonialist binaries: 'editors have tacitly discounted the overwhelming likelihood that Tamburlaine, whom we have tended to think of as the paradigmatic Islamic other for the English in the sixteenth century, might instead be defined by Marlowe as light-skinned, like the English themselves'.
296/ TLN 1344), observe that keeping "heavenly" would imply a strained sense of sarcasm, judge it as "more likely an error" (2006b: 240), and emend to Q2.
This species displays the main characteristics of the genus Conochitina Eisenack, emend.
In the second trial, 90% of those on Emend had no vomiting episodes during the first 24 hours after surgery vs.
Emend is the first FDA-approved treatment that prevents the delayed nausea and vomiting symptoms that many patients experience greater than 24 hours after receiving chemotherapy.
First of all, as we did for masiyya, we emend [ayn.
He is a conservative scholar who accepts the divine origin of the Scriptures, is reluctant to emend the Massoretic Text, and prefers to substantiate rather than reconstruct biblical history.
at several points where other editors have hastened to emend.
In line 2, Herren follows Traube in correcting lusqua to lusca, but he also decides to emend domus to focus.