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Dubois (2007) presented a list of several unjustified emendations of scientific names of tetrapods, and warned: "Although I did not survey the literature for other zoological groups, I presume that the same problem probably arose in several of them".
But this emendation generates a further demand for sense that has led most modern editors to emend 'our' to 'your'.
She also proposes an emendation of her own: "And, alas
If, on the other hand, it is to be taken as an accusative noun, aliquid could not stand in apposition with it and would require emendation (26).
13) Or firma for formae, if we accept the ingenious but perhaps unnecessary emendation of Shackleton Bailey (note 1).
One of us subsequently phoned Scribner editor Samantha Martin and asked about the fate of the errors and emendations lists.
has preferred adopting, with most editors, the emendation modico, in view of a typically Apuleian phrase modico prius (attested only in Apul.
With the 1965 emendation, the skirmish quickly escalated, pitting those who supported the emendation against those who favored the original text.
The desired sense is not to be found in the transmitted text, nor have emendations which stick closely to the paradosis proved satisfactory.
All variations contained herein but not in the (reconstituted) manuscripts ought to be regarded as emendations and ought, therefore, be tagged as such (or else omitted, as in the case of Migne's reprint of Gallandi's text of 1788).
Skeat's reputation as a textual scholar, at least in our own day, is colored by his tendency to rely on intuitive readings of difficult passages and to resort to emendation with considerable frequency.
Bentley's skill in textual emendation and his knowledge of ancient meter were strikingly displayed in the short treatise Epistola ad Joannem Millium (1691).