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With DSP ambiance emendations applied by any of my three Yamaha integrated amps or receiver, the result was a sense of real-hall space that easily equals anything I have heard from SACD and DVD-A releases.
Such major improvements in their transliteration, emendation, and translation will make the letters in this volume an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the history of the Assyrian empire and its relations with the south.
This inconsistency is especially evident in the opening Sinfonia, where the editor makes other emendations without recording them in the commentary.
There are 76 pages of editor's annotations, a useful five-page glossary, 65 pages filled with an 'editorial append ix' which discusses emendations and substantive variants, a biographical appendix, a reference list and a catalogue of Hume's references.
Over the intervening years a number of reviews and other publications, some quite substantial, have appeared advancing corrections and emendations to Mather.
the majority of their emendations are for metrical reasons, and a high proportion involves /[?
Numerous emendations to the score establish more precise placement of the "hairpin" signs that indicate crescendos and diminuendos.
In the surprising number of cases in which they do not exist, she has used seventeenth-century editions or manuscripts, again with emendations.
However, the THX emendations also include a treble-rolloff slope (to tame wiry-sounding movie soundtracks), and I felt that this worked against this already well balanced material in terms of clarity and detail.
For each he describes the physical document and its location and provenance, then provides the Greek text with emendations and restorations suggested by various scholars, his own epigraphic commentary, an English translation, and commentary on the content.
Not only is every variant--even the nonsensical--noted and emendations exhaustively reported, but several comparative appendices are provided that allow the reader to judge previous editions (notably Bhandarkar's) of Malatimadhava and make improvements thereon, based on Harihara's text.
Hill on imagery of feet and stumbling; Gavin Richardson on Langland's Mary Magdalene; and Ralph Hanna supplies emendations and additions to his 1993 bibliography of Langland.