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Although I believe that might be overstated (if someone considered it worthwhile to copy and modernize the poem, it must have had some relevance), Neidorf makes the vital stipulation that such an argument can only be valid if it pertains to the poem as it appears in the manuscript, without any of the emendations that have come to be accepted (and while conservative editors may contest some of the emendations found in Klaeber's Fourth, they accept many more).
The scientific names dedicated to people were analyzed in the articles of original descriptions, as well as subsequent emendations.
The emendations are mentioned in the notes, but are also collected in their own special section, which will be very useful for those who consult the volume for the emendations alone.
She is, though, more conservative in her emendations than Chapman.
The appendices provide a lengthy bibliography, list of emendations, glossary of archaic language, and an essay, "Radisson in an Aboriginal World.
4) In this instance the editors of the Shakespeare Head edition, which does have a separate appendix of "Emendations," prefaced by a rationale for their choices, made the emendation "a woman" (42).
It is a lamentable fact, however, that the emendations made since Heinze opened the floodgates over a century ago, have ranged from the poor to the truly incredible.
Still these materials have to be conformed to our style for capitalization and footnote format, wedged into our two-column format, and double checked by the authors for emendations we have made.
Beginning with a Critical Introduction, the edition includes the text of Greene's Planetomachia along with commentary and a list of emendations (among other editorial apparatus), finishing with a section for Sources and Translations, and a selected bibliography.
Chapter 1 discusses emendations by Jakob Grimm and Friedrich Klaeber.
On the basis of this metrical regularity, the editor has made emendations to correct faulty metre, but has scrupulously noted his changes in the rejected readings at the foot of the page.
In addition to comments in his substantive review of the Debenedetti-Segre edition of 1960, Gilbert peppers his personal copies of texts with emendations of various sorts as if he too had been planning an edition.