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For the species Tereancistrum parvus an emended diagnosis was made with information that was not presented in the original description as the position of the vagina, the egg morphology, testis, ovary and seminal vesicle.
In some twenty places Mueller and Gould emended this text on minor points.
Zhi is written with a heart signific, and emended from nu Graham associates it with the "native intelligence" referred to in Mencius 7 A/15.
He also notes that the Ireland scribe read 'krudely' as an adverb (and vigorously emended it); and that 'krudely' has a palaeographical resemblance to 'Cradoc', who appears in Morte Arthure, but has no explicit link with Kent.
Vinogradov's Swan Lake, last seen here in 1995, has been emended for Universal Ballet, with the Soviet-era happy ending restored.
The remainder of the book comprises a list of all those textual emendations the authors would introduce in a new critical edition - including an emended time-scheme for the novel - and four appendices concerning the original edition's dust-jacket, Fitzgerald's own revisions in his post-publication, 'final version', text, the deletions that occurred between magazine serialization and book publication, and Fitzgerald's incorporation into his text of material he had already published in short stories.
Lines 4-5 of this fragment have thus never been convincingly emended.
Gray (4) took up the suggestion (5) that [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] be emended to [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], 'If you do not believe in me, you will not endure.
proves that authors, even great ones like Augustine, expected their texts to be modified by their initial, sometimes informal circulation, and thus "a text qualified as an edition only when it had been emended and released by the author for copying" (137).
For reasons suggested under listings for computer and book, this could be the last heroic project of the sort; future encyclopedias likely will be electronic data bases that can be emended instantly and variously accessed.
Public hearings on the proposed rules as emended by the Notice were held on December 18, 1992, and March 4, 1993.
Although Mozart did not write his own librettos, he chose them with great care, and he inadvertently commented upon many of the moral and political debates of the age as he emended the librettos to his liking.