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Casaubon was the first to articulate the problem and attempt a solution by emending [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and making the infinitive dependent upon [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
First a minor criticism: the preface consists of a single page, which includes a list of 'some guidelines I have followed in emending a corrupt text'.
78 the editors follow Crawford in emending a manuscript reading fif (misrepresenting the computus quinquaginta) to syx and syxtig, on the grounds that the number of hours in a year is 8,766 rather than the 8,705 (or 8,750) of the surviving texts.
Wood and Hewitt take as their base text the first edition of 1824, emending it from the manuscript and other variants which they argue have Scott's warrant in later editions.
aojanho is another example of emending without paying enough attention to the manuscript readings, which actually point to an original mioo vaox anho "having (never) spoken falsehood," as I have shown in JAOS 117 (1997): 145-47.